decades of experience

our cisco accredited engineers have been installing, configuring and maintaining network equipment for a very long time. their knowledge is second to none and when that is combined with a desire to learn from every problem and a solid work ethic, the level of support you receive is truly first class.

network optimisation

too often we visit a customer’s site and find expensive industry leading equipment only for it to be not fit for purpose or incorrectly configured. a piece of equipment can only truly gain value when it has been configured with the customer’s requirements in mind. often features such as Quality of service for prioritised voice traffic aren’t configured by default, yet the equipment is more than capable of doing so.

our engineers can take a look at your existing network hardware – on site or remotely – to determine whether you are getting the most from your investment.


No matter the size of your organisation, ackio can help get you off the ground.

Whether you are building your network from scratch, looking to improve or expand your existing LAN, or simply require a professional eye cast over poorly installed equipment, our engineers are there to listen to your requirements and propose the best fit solution.

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